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Looking for a Vegan Alternative to Wigging? Look No Further...Viscose Heaven is Live!!!

I have had a lot of people ask me what I use for wigging my sculptures. Sometimes I use ethically sourced Mohair. When I say ethically sourced, I only buy from a few select suppliers and they either raise their own goats or I know the names of each goat that supplies the mohair, with pictures and all! These people love their goats like they are part of their family.

That being said, I have found that I am gravitating more towards vegan sources for anything in my life, not just art supplies. A lot of the people that ask me for this advice want to be sure that their supplies aren't harming an animal or the environment. I asked my mentor and friend, Renata Jansen for advice, and found out that she almost exclusively uses Viscose. Once I investigated even further, I found out she was getting supplies from someone I had purchased Viscose from over 10 years ago! This led me back to the talented Clare Gladding and I found out she was still selling the best Viscose you can buy. Clare just recently launched her new site, dedicated to her luxurious Viscose, Clare offers the softest, highest quality hair in 35 gorgeous colors!

She recently honored me by featuring some of my work in her Client Gallery. Check it out!


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