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Easy 360 Sculpting and Armature Stand

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

First, let me say, we did not create these stands to go into production. It started with me complaining about not wanting to pay $100 for a stainless steel rod and some wing nuts. I was also wary of the set up because anytime I touch anything while working, my hands get dirty and ruin my flesh colored #polymerclay. My partner is an engineer, he is also one of the kindest most supportive people I have ever known, he started tinkering and came up with the first version of the 360 sculpting stand, which I am still using to this day! John,, continually works to refine the Easy 360 Sculpting and Armature Stand to keep it strong and versatile. We have been so pleased with the overwhelming positive feedback. This stand really positions in almost any way that you would want it to! It will also easily support up to a 16" figure.

2 ended version

Most recently we have been honored to have THE Shiflett Brothers talk about the stand and even use it in their Patreon lessons,, you can support and learn for as little as a $1! I can't thank Brandon and Jarrod enough for their generosity and effort to keep their forum a place that welcomes professionals and new artists alike.

The newest version of the Easy 360 Sculpting and Armature stand can be purchased at the4Pixies Etsy shop. Here are just a few 5 STAR REVIEWS!

★★★★★ "This is just a master piece.....Thank you both so very much and now I shall enjoy!" Candace T.

★★★★★ "Amazing tool to work with! Excellent creativity! Thank you so much many times!" Lynda F.

★★★★★ "This sculpting stand is exceptional. So well made. The stand is heavy so it won't move while sculpting and the arm is easily adjustable. Very well packed. Thank you so much!!" Barbara S.

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